Memory Engagement Tool

Flipture is a collection of Mobile Phone and Tablet games that operate with content of player interest … items we might like to remember.  For instance:

Flipture Scripture Memorization Game
Flipture “Spins” the reference. Players match the answers. Scores kept online at Player / Community accounts.
  • Quoteable Quotes
  • CrossWord clues
  • Whos Who
  • House and Senate Race Contestants across the US in 2014.
  • Who said what?
  • Capitols of Countries and States
  • Differential Equations, Trigonometric Functions
  • Mass, spin and relationships among sub-atomic particles
  • The periodic table and element properties
  • Memorable dates in History (or upload a list of birthdays and anniversaries.)
  • Case Law References, by subject to prepare for trial or appeals
  • Scripture — Bible, Torah, … others

The game operates by giving the phone a toss, the tumblers scramble content — to which One armed banditthe player matches answers.  The results are stored.

Player results can be shared to communities of Gamers interested in similar content.  Communities of players can build their own content databases, thus creating their own games…

  • Online Spelling Bee
  • Teams of players scoring against teams of opponents.
  • Debate teams defend their point with literature and references.

Flipture would provide the game mechanics, some of the basic content categories, a website for community building and other interactive media — forums, etc.

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